The Visigoth settlement is a walled village, dated between the years 650 to 700, which is still in very good condition. In 1963 this settlement was declared of cultural interest.

Within the complex there is an archaeological site, which has for Roses history a great importance. The excavations revealed two areas of ancient settlement, which are found next to the entrance. The areas shows a group of 10 lined-up buildings, which are mounted along the wall. Houses were built in small dimensions, square and with the construction opus spicatum. The facility is surrounded by an oval wall that runs along the top of the mountain, with a maximum height of four meters and a thickness of about two meters.

The wall looks as if you’d built around the village to protect against enemies and as a base station for attacks. Lately is was discovered that the settlement was a village for farmers, fishermen, craftsmen, hunters and their families was, who cared mainly for the agriculture, livestock, fisheries and economy of this region. Over time, the inhabitants moved somewhere else and left the village.

This way of life of the settlers was confirmed at the recent archaeological excavations, which was made 68 years ago. This took place to find out how the people lived there. In the excavations they found numerous silos, pottery and small objects from apartments. Furthermore the discovered  a piece of the wall and a tower. This summer, archaeologists have found a notch, which was cut in stone, it represents a scene by a dog chasing a hare. The fund is from the Roman period and would have been part of a piece of jewelry.

The excavations and interventions in Puig Rom began in 1917, led by Joaquim Folch i Torres. Subsequently found further excavations under the direction of Pere de Palol in 1946-1947.

Last year, launched a research project for four years, with the research team which consists of the doctors Eva Subías, Anna Maria Puig, José Ignacio Fiz and archeologist Dolors Codina. The project is led by the Universitat Rovira i Virgili.

The access of the Visigoth town is free throughout the year. You can arrive near the site by car, then you need to take a little bit to the settlemen. The village is located on a hill, about 230 meters above sea level. From the top you can enjoy an excellent view over the bay.

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