Before El Bulli transformed into, a foundation, it was one of the most famous restaurants of Catalonia and the whole world.

The restaurant had opened his doors to the guests from 1962 to July 2011. El Bulli was awarded with 3 stars Michelin under the leadership of Ferran Adrià and 2002, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 it has chosen as the best restaurant in the world

The Bulli Foundation was founded by Ferran Adrià and financed privately by himself and Juli Soler.

The foundation has the mission of “feeding creativity” and was established under 3 intentions:

  • The preservation of El Bulli restaurant, on a physical and also digital domain
  • The establishment of a creative center to develop new ideas and to share creative processes worldwide to restaurateurs and other chefs with the use of Internet
  • Creating the platform Bullipedia that allows professional chefs and home cookers to acquire a great knowledge of Gastronomy

In the future, it is not excluded, that sponsors are involved in this project, but their main objective is to maintain the founding spirit of the foundation.