All tours and workshops are offering by the municipality of Roses. These activities can be booked at the tourist office.

Fishing port

You will be initiated in this guide close to the type of fishing art. You will be brought closer to the guide the operation of the fisherman and then you will visit the fish action in which you can experience how the fish prices will be negotiated. Not to mention you will get to know many species of fish that are caught in our waters.


Fortress Trinidad and viewpoint

The fortress Trinitat is the leadership monument of Roses. The monument is recently opened to the public and takes us back to the sixteenth century. In addition to the history that has to offer this monument, we can now enjoy the best view of the Bay of Roses from its terraces.



Un yacimiento arqueológico de 12 hectáreas permite descubrir los restos de la antigua colonia griega de Rhodes, los restos romanos, la villa medieval y la imponente fortificación renacentista.



Roses was bombed during the Spanish Civil War. Nowadays tours are offered to visit the shelter of the Plaza de la Pau.


Costal path, Almadrava – Murtra

Visit one of the most beautiful places in the northern Costa Brava with a guide.

Discover the coastal path from Almadrava that will lead you over the Punta Falconera and by the Bay Lledo. Set out there looking for the old harbor and the fresh water sources, and lead your tour continues to the Bay Murta, which is located within the Natural Park of Cap de Creus. You will be amazed by the natural landscape that offers the Natural Park of Cap de Creus.


Family Workshops

Discover the art and culture through a family workshops where children learn through play your Sage on the history of Roses and many handicrafts. The activities are offered free of charge during the opening times of the fortress Trinity.

Daily, July and August

LA MOCHILA DE MILHOJAS: With the help of the oldest tree in the citadel, which will tell us, which habits and games had play, the Greek and the Roman children at that time. We will discover and practice them again.

SAFARI AT THE MUSEUM: It is a game with clues. We need to search by different animal species which are hiding in the museum.

DAS SPIEL IN DER BURG: It is a game which the children must discover the enemies of the castle and the habitants which lived in this castle residents. Fun for the whole family.


 Megalithic route

It is guide about 2 km by foot. In the guide you will discover the menhirs and dolmens one of the most important discoveries, which is one of the largest tombs of Catalonia.