The sweetest of Roses

Desserts and Sweets
In Roses you will find all the typical products of the region Empordà. Among the most important confectionery of Empordà are the Bunyols, a kind of rounded Catalan […]

The gastronomy of Roses: Fish dish

The gastronomy of Roses is a combination of traditional and creative cuisine. In this village the typical Mediterranean Catalan cuisine, are cooked with products from the environment.
The top product is […]

Make a Selfie in Roses and win spectacular prices

It received that prices which, photographed the most beautiful scenery behind the photo. By the end of the year, you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Roses and win numerous […]

Open Day, to the cultural heritage of Roses, on the long weekend of Pilar

On the occasion of European Heritage Days (EHD), opens next weekend, the doors of the cultural heritage of Roses to allow the access to the entire public.


These events take place […]

Walk along the coastal path from Roses

With the end of summer and the heat, begins now the most pleasant season of the year. A time, that is ideally to explore the surroundings and the beautiful landscape. […]

It approaches the III ADVENTURE RAID from Illa de Rodes

26 of September Roses organized the III RAID adventure Illa de Rodes.
The Adventure Raid is an open event for anyone interested and for all participants of the Catalan League FCOC […]

Discover the world of fishing in ROSES

Roses offers the opportunity to watch the fishermen of the village at work and to learn more about this traditional occupation.
 Under the name of Fishing Tourism “Pesca Turismo” are offered […]

Cultural experience in Roses (V) : Bunkers & Punta Falconera

Besides its natural attractions, was the site of major strategic interest, because the Punta Falconera allowed a visual check at the Golf of Roses. In the past, the point was […]

Cultural experience in Roses (IV): The Visigoth settlement of Puig Rom

The Visigoth settlement is a walled village, dated between the years 650 to 700, which is still in very good condition. In 1963 this settlement was declared of cultural interest.
Within […]

Cultural experience in Roses (III): Castle Trinitat

The Trinitat Castle is one of the most important fortresses, which was built in Catalonia. This fact and the unique situation make this monument as spectacular. From the fortress, you […]