Beach el Rastrell

The beach is located between Roses and El Salatà. The beach is 30 m width and 800m length. Due to its fine sandy beach and the low water level is the beach, ideal for families with small children and for all kinds of water sports.

Cove Canadell

The bay is located between the famous bay Jòncols- and the bay Pelosa. It is located at Cap Norfeu and about 16 kilometers from the town of Roses. It is a natural beach.

Beach la Nova

The beach is located in the center of Roses, between the Rierea Ginjolers and Riera Forquilla. The beach has a length of 450m and offers the visitors a fine sandy beach with clear water. Behind the beach is the beach promenade which has a beautiful view over the bay con Roses.


Cove Calís

The bay Calis is situated next to the famous bay Montjoi. Due to its location, it will be considered as an extension of the cove Montjoi, because the beaches are only separated by a few stones. The seabed has a steep slope.

Cove Rustella

It is a small, natural bay surrounded by a rocky coast with a very with a difficult access over land. It is easier to get across the sea. The bay is located about 10 km from Roses.

Beach El Bonifaci

The small beach is located between Canyelles Petites and Almadraba. This beach can be reached through the “Cami de Ronda”. You will find a small secluded bay with crystal clear water and coarse sand beach.


Beach els Palangrers

The beach is 1 km away from the city center. The bay is 140 m long with fine sandy beach. The water has crystal clear water with some rocks. This beach is very famous by the locals.

Cove Montjoi

Montjoi is a much visited bay, ideal as a place of refuge for boats and divers. The bay is located 12 kilometers from Roses and is accessible from the same coast road, which leads to Jòncols bay. The sea ground has strong differences in altitude. In the bay is the “Elbullifoundation”, which was a 3 star Milchellin restaurant, once one of the best restaurants of the world.

Beach el Salatar

The beach is located in Roses Salatar, it has a great range of shops, leisure and catering services and accommodations. The beach is about 500 meters of fine sand and clear water, which makes it one of the most visited beaches. Behind the beach is the harbor promenade, in which you can go for a walk, cycling or you can make other activities.


Cove Jòncols

The pristine bay has a wild landscape and steep cliffs. The natural bays is located 18 kilometers from Roses. It can be reached via the coastal road along the coastal area, about Cap Norfeu and ends in the Bay of Jòncols. The seabed has a quickly and strong difference in height. Ideal for lovers of diving.

Beach la Punta

The beach is located in the city center of Roses and has a length of 500 meters, fine sand and crystal clear water, ideal for families and lovers of water sports.

Cove Murtra

Is a small bay about 10 kilometers from Roses, which lies in a wild landscape. The beach has a difficult access by land, so it has become a paradise for those who come by boat. At this beach nudism is allowed.


Cove Calitjàs

This bay is 110 meters long, surrounded by steep cliffs and crystal clear waters. The bay is located between the bay of Montjoi and the bay of La Pelosa, about 14 kilometers from the city center. It can be reached via the road that goes from the bay Montjoi to the bay Jòncols. The water becomes quickly very deep.

Beach la Almadrava

The beach of Almadrava is situated 5 kilometers from Roses. You can reach the beach across the road that leads from the lighthouse after Almadrava. The beach has a fine sand and deep blue water and is about 500 meters long, 25 meters wide, and is a beach that is protected from the wind of the Tramuntana.

Beach Canyelles Petites

The beach of Canyelles, is a residential village beach, located in the same housing estate, about 3 kilometers from the center of Roses, which you can reach at the road that leads from the lighthouse towards the beach of Almadrava. It is a beach with fine golden sand and crystal clear water. It is about 350 meters long and about 25 feet wide. The beach is very popular with bathers, due to the protection of the wind.


Beach la Pelosa

The bay is located in Cap Norfeu and is the favorite beach by many locals. The bay is located 15 kilometers from the city and is achieved via the same coastal road that leads to the bay of Jòncols. The seabed gained a considerable difference in height.

Beach Santa Margarida

The beach runs over Salatar to the estuary of the residential area of Santa Margarida. It is a long and continued beach of about 550 meters, with golden, fine sand and clear water. It is a beach with many visitors, most of them are foreigners, which have their second home there.

The beach has a wide range of restaurants, shops, leisure facilities and an intense nightlife. The beach is bordered by the promenade, and at the south of the park, where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Empordà.