Fortress Trinity

Cultural 16th century. Visit the fortress Trinity located on the rock, suspended by the Punta de la Poncella, above the lighthouse of Roses. The fortress is a military facility, which was created of the reign of Emperor Charles I as an essential complement to the citadel.

It has a five-pointed shape like a star with sharp edges and a wall thickness of 2m ideal for the defense of the enemy’s bullets over the sea. The whole complex is an exceptional example of an artillery fortress located on the coast.


Fortress Bufalaranya

Cultural 8-14th century. The fortress Bufalaranya is on a rock on the road to Cadaques. From there you could monitor the entire northern part of the Golf of Roses and part of the region Empordà.

The fortress conserved still nowadays part of the fortress which was built with the technology of opus spectrum.


The Citadel

The Citadel of Roses is an archaeological site of great interest and beauty.

In the eleventh century the first city wall was built around the Romanesque church of Santa Maria.

In the XII century, this has been extended with the ultimate fortress under the reign of Charles I. This new military fortress was developed, to move the new destructive power of the artillery and to control the land and sea.

One would note earlier that Roses was very popular as a trading port and therefore was often the focus of war and pirate attacks.

Inside the walls are still exceptional excavations of fragments such as:

  • Remains of the Greek city of Rhodes with fragments of the wall and the Hellenistic district of IV-VII century,
  • The church and the cemetery from the VI century, which were in the Visigòtic settlement,
  • The church and monastery of the XI-XII century.

Today, the citadel can be visited by the public. The visitors can see the whole area and visit the museum of the history of the city.

The Dolmen

In the Natural Park of Cap de Creus are the dolmens located.

Remains of one of the first residents of Roses. This is a prehistoric monument is one of the largest and most impressive finds from all over Catalonia, therefore, it was founded 1964 into a heritage property.

The Lighthouse

The lighthouse can be traced back to the middle Ages. At that time possessed the lighthouse from Roses, at the form of a tower, where now stands the fortress. This lighthouse was used as a guide, for navigation and for monitoring of pirates.

In 1544, the fortress was built, it replaced the lighthouse more than over 300 years. The fortress was completely destroyed during the French Revolution and again during the War of Independence. After the destruction of the fortress a big fire was kindled which should be take over the function of the lighthouse.

The lighthouse, as we know today was built in 1864. It consists of 2 buildings a square building of 324m2 and a tower, which should guide the ships.

The lighthouse of Roses was, is and will always be, with his white situate, a reference point for navigation, for the Bay of Roses and its neighbors.

Castrum visigòtic

The Visigòtic castle is a hidden cities. The fortress is from the early middle Ages, built on a strategic summit.

With its perfect location, it dominated above the hill the city Rhode, the Bay of Roses and access to the port. Even today, in this place, you can discover the remains of dwellings, silos and roads.

Punta Falconera / Bunker

The Punta Falconera is one of the most beautiful places of Roses. The fact that the Punta Falconera is located in the middle of Cap de Creus Natural Park, it offers its visitors a wide variety of flora and fauna, as well as a spectacular view of the Golf of Roses.

The Punta Falconera got its name by the hawks who establish themselves and by their equally shaped rocks. The site was occupied from 1944-1993 by the Spanish military, which had built there 5 bunkers around the coast from invaders to protect. Even today, the visitor can visit the bunker. Today the place is known for make a nice walk and enjoying nature.