Whether you are one of those who swim to breathless or those who enjoy watching a good swim from the ground, the next 12 and 15 of August we wait for you in Roses. Coinciding with the Festival, there will be three trips: the local Crossing of the Enric Badosa Trophy (August 12), the MiniTravesía (August 12), and the Crossing to the Port of Roses (August 15). Prepare the suitcase and install yourself in Roses with www.apivend.com to not lose detail!
You can register in the tavesías until August 10 through www.piscinaroses.cat, or in person at the Municipal Pool.

Local crossing, Enric Badosa Trophy
On Sunday, August 12, at 11am, the 33rd Local Swimming Crossing – Enric Badosa Trophy will be held, with participation open to all but with an option to award for those born and / or registered in Roses, organized by the Sports Area of the Town Hall and the Roses Pool. The distance will be about 700 m and the route will consist of going around the two breakwaters of the Ginjolers stream. You will leave Punta beach and you will arrive at Nova beach. The bibs (electronic chips) will be delivered the same Sunday, from 10 am to 10.45 am, at the stop located between the two breakwaters of the Ginjolers creek.

Once the Enric Badosa Trophy is finished, the Mini Crossing will take place, aimed at all swimmers and swimmers who, by age or level, need a shorter distance. It will have an approximate distance of about 200 meters: 100 meters on the way, encircle a buoy and turn around. Participation with auxiliary flotation material will be allowed (in these cases, however, participants must be accompanied by an adult). Swimmers and swimmers will not carry a chip, there will be no classification or trophies, and all will be given a gift of remembrance.

Swimming Crossing in the Port of Roses
On Wednesday, August 15, the Roses GEN will organize the 82nd Swimming Crossing in the Port of Roses. For more information about schedules, routes, regulations, registration, etc. you have to go to GEN Roses: www.genroses.cat or 972 25 70 03.