The month of August is over and the summer activities in Roses are coming to an end. This is the last week to be able to participate in a series of guided tours and other proposals for discovering the cultural and historical heritage of Roses. Come with the children to and enjoy these last days of vacation in Roses! We have proposals for accommodation of various types to offer you all the comforts.

On the 27th the “Star Nights at the Castle” ends at the castle of the Trinitat; on the 29th, the nocturnal visits “The secret codes” in the Ciutadella also end; the dynamised visit “The game of the Castle”, in the castle of the Trinitat, ends on the 30th, as well as the “Contes a la Fresca” and like the daily guided visits to the Ciutadella and the castle of the Trinitat; and “Gromec, the cat of the Ciutadella” ends on the 31st.

These are family activities that offer the possibility of discovering these two unique spaces of Roses in a very entertaining and enjoyable way. It is worth participating in them before it is too late since some will no longer be repeated until next summer!