In Alt Empordà you have the possibility to travel up to four sections of the Camino de Santiago. To replace you between one and another we propose you to stop and rest in one of our apartments. No matter what time of the year, at we will offer you all the comforts you need.

The stages of the Camino in the Alt Empordà are these:

First stage. From Port de la Selva to Figueres

There is also the option to start the journey through Coll de Panissars, on the border with France: First stage. From coll from Panissars to Figueres

Once in Figueres, a stage opens without difficulties where fields of cultivation alternate, well used, with wooded stretches. Virtually the entire route is made by wide tracks that have no possible loss.

Second stage. From Figueres to Bàscara

Finally in Bàscara, we can continue on the Camino towards Girona. This stage is of a particular scenic beauty.

Third stage From Bàscara to Girona

The Camino de Santiago is a great cultural route that allows you to go from end to end of the Iberian Peninsula, from Cabo de Creus to Cabo de Finisterre.

The route begins in Sant Pere de Rodes and follows a path that passes through the monastery of Montserrat to reach Alcarràs (Lleida), where the Camino enters Aragón. A widespread tradition, says that the apostle James preached in Barcelona, Lleida and Zaragoza, and in some of these places is still commemorated the passage of the Saint with popular celebrations.